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Welcome to the online Trivia game site. Here you can play online Trivia game with over 700,000 questions for free with no ads and no signup!
You can also play a free online multiplayer word game! Compete agaist other people in scrabble, hangman or some other word game in Word Trivia.

New! has now updated the Web IRC client and no longer uses an outdated Java Applet. This will enable more people to play since the new web clients works across browsers and platforms.

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to play Multiplayer Trivia Online!

Trivia game is a program which runs on a IRC channel. You play against other people by answering questions as quickly as you can. If you get the answer right you get added scorepoints.

To play Trivia you need to have a program which can connect to IRC. If you are running Windows we recommend mIRC.
You can also play Trivia without having to install a IRC program on your computer. Click here to play Trivia through this website.

If you use your own IRC Client you need the channel name and server address.
Channel Server